Wall infrared heater "Picture", 450 W

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The most popular heater for the last 4 years !!!

Extremely easy installation! It must be - a nail, a hammer and two strong fingers!

This infrared heater consists of a carbon thread which is surrounded by two PET protective layers. This makes this infrared heater very easy and quick to install.
This flexible infrared wall heater can be used as a supplement or as a full space heater. Whether at work, in the living room, kitchen, caravan or conservatory. Due to the direct heating of the furnishings and the human body, it does not require preheat time. This results in an enorrmes savings potential of heating costs.
During the heating-free period, the wall heating can be quickly rolled up and stowed away.

 Technical specifications:
- Full space heating for rooms of about 6-8m ²
- Supplementary space heating for rooms of 10-12m ²
- Operating voltage: 230V
- comes ready to plug in
- Power consumption: 450Watt
- Working surface: 0,6m²
- Surface temperature: 80 ° C
- Life: about 65,000 hours
- fireproof impregnated wood
- CE certified
- Guarantee 24 months!!!
- Made in Russia
- IP protection: IP20
- Dimensions: 100x57cm

The cost of 46.00 euros for 1 piece.
Price without shipping to Europe and the European Union.
Shipping costs can vary from 13.00 euros to 30.00 euro