Infrared heater ILMIT Allu 500W/800W/100W/1500W

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 ILMIT ALLU 05  (500W, 2.4 kg)          for rooms of 5-7 m2 (Dimensions, mm: 765x145x27) -   89.00 EURO
ILMIT ALLU 08  (800W, 3.1 kg)
   for rooms of 8-10 m2 (Dimensions, mm: 1005x145x27) -   109.00  EURO

ILMIT ALLU 10  (1000W, 4.0 kg)
for rooms of 10-12 m2 (Dimensions, mm: 1365x145x27) -   119.00  EURO

ILMIT ALLU 15 (15000W, 5.1 kg)  for rooms of 15-17 m2 (Dimensions, mm: 1765x145x27)
 - 129.00  EURO

 Shipping cost is not included! Calculated separately and can be for different countries from 25.00 euros (when shipped up to 5 kg) to 57.00 euros (when shipped up to 31,5 kg).
 ting plate faces the floor and heats up to 250° C. This way of transmitting warmth ensures 93% energy accumulation by objects, surfaces and walls while only 7% is dissolved in the air. The temperature  is balanced according to the height , the floor is warmer than the air above. 
Warm surfaces accumulate warmth and heat the air. It offers a number of advantages as compared to other heating devices; the square of warm surfaces is larger, there are no air-dust currents, the  promises cool slower , no energy is lost to heat air under the ceiling. These peculiarities ensure energy saving and make the heater the most comfortable and the safest device.
“ILMIT” infrared heater are new improved models. Now they are elegant and more solid due to alluminium alloy. They are covered by powder enamels and have different colours, small size, new forms of fixing and original wide angle emission plate. 
All these features make “ILMIT” infrared heater the first of the best.
Besides, there is a possibility to build up heating systems of different power with the help of special frames ; to combine heaters with acoustic and lightening devices into entire group which looks perfect in modern interiors of any premises;  dwellings , offices , shops, stores, etc.

The best efficiency and economy (50%) is achieved with the help of a thermostat! (Not included. Buy separately).

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